Brenda Stubbert

Cape Breton

Brenda Stubbert is an extraordinary fiddler, pianist, and composer whose name has become synonymous with Cape Breton fiddle music. Deeply rooted in the distinctive music of Industrial Cape Breton’s Northside, she grew up surrounded by wonderful musicians, including her father—a highly respected fiddler and composer who was strongly influenced by the Irish tradition—and folks like Winston Scotty Fitzgerald, Johnny Wilmot and Joe Confiant. Since 1986, Brenda has released seven albums, including Endless Memories (2008) which won the East Coast Music Award for Traditional Recording of the Year, and her most recent, Different Strokes with Different Folks (2011). Musically nurtured in childhood by some of Cape Breton’s finest musicians, Brenda has been composing traditional Cape Breton style tunes on both piano and fiddle for over 50 years. To date, close to 300 of those melodies have been notated in her three collections of fiddle tunes and today her music is played by traditional musicians around the world.

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