Donna Marie DeWolfe

Cape Breton

Donna Marie DeWolfe, of River Tillard, Cape Breton has been playing Cape Breton fiddle music since she was 10 years old and comes from a line of musicians on both sides of her family. Her great-grandfather on her father’s side was a fiddler, while her maternal grandfather was both a fiddler and a fiddle-maker. As a child, Donna Marie heard plenty of fiddle music in her home. Her father is a Cape Breton traditional music lover and he always had fiddle music playing in the house. Donna Marie is very active in the Cape Breton music scene, playing for ceilidhs and dances around the island and on the mainland. Donna Marie lists Shelly Campbell as a big influence on her playing as well as Donald Angus Beaton and Arthur Muise, having listened to many tapes of their vibrant playing. Donna Marie will be accompanied during her shows at Celtic Colours this year by two of Cape Breton’s best piano accompanists, Mac Morin and Allan Dewar.

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