Sylvia LeLièvre with Marcel Lefort

Cape Breton

Chéticamp native Sylvia LeLièvre started playing guitar at the age of 13. She first explored the traditional repertoire but later also became interested in artists such as Gordon Lightfoot and Simon & Garfunkel. In 1965, Beatlemania arrived in Chéticamp and Sylvia soon became part of a band called The Phantoms, a band that lasted 25 years. In 1980, Sylvia joined her two brothers, Clarence and Roland, as well as Ronald Bourgeois, in Le Groupe LeLièvre, singing traditional songs and originals composed by Ronald and other contemporary French-speaking artists. In 1982, she was part of the Rosewood Band playing a mix of country and rock. In the early 1980s, Sylvia began to compose her own songs and to perform solo. She has recorded on three albums including one by Le Groupe LeLièvre. This is Sylvia’s fifth time performing at Celtic Colours and she will be joined onstage by her old bandmate from the Phantoms, Marcel Lefort who has been performing professionally since his early teens. His musical adaptability has thick Acadian roots and he has played with Cyril MacPhee, J.P. Cormier, Ronald Bourgeois, Les Zorvenants, and the Phantoms over the years.

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