A Good D’Escousse for a Party

date Monday October 14th 7:30 PM
venue D'Escousse Civic Improvement Hall
locale D'Escousse
price $30/25
seating Reserved Seating
host D'Escousse Civic Improvement Society
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

It’s a beautiful drive to D’Escousse and tonight’s concert gives you a very good excuse to do just that. Part of the purpose of this year’s theme, “lively youth”, is to give a platform for young voices and perspectives. We’ll see plenty of that here tonight. Janelle Boudreau is a fiddler and dancer from nearby Arichat who has entertained visitors at concerts and dances around the Island. She’ll be joined by her father James on guitar and Joël Chiasson on piano tonight for her Celtic Colours debut. East Margaree fiddler Hailee LeFort will be making her fourth appearance with us, backed by some musical friends from P.E.I. Boston-based harp and fiddle duo Jenna Moynihan and Màiri Chaimbeul, and Scottish trio Talisk will keep the youthful energy up as we see just what these young performers are capable of. Prior to the show there is a nearby meal in the community of Arichat just 10 minutes away, Isle Madame Thanksgiving Dinner

Performing Artists

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