Dancing Up a Suête

Date Sunday October 9th 2:00 PM
Venue La Place des arts Père Anselme Chiasson
Community Cheticamp
Tickets $30/25 Reserved Seating
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We know that some of the best dancers come out of the culturally rich and vibrant community of Chéticamp. They will show their fine steps on stage today, set against the impressive musicianship and scenery of this coastline community. La Swing du Suête celebrates 20 years of promoting youth engagement and presentation both here and throughout North America. These dancers dedicate countless hours each month to perfecting their intricate routines and new students are welcomed every year, ensuring the continuation of this wonderful legacy. Featuring pianist Jason Roach, Còig has strong ties to Chéticamp and their lively tunes are the perfect complement for any dancer. Pepeto Pinto and Christine Melanson called Chéticamp home for a number of years. Pepeto's percussive pan playing is unique around this world. Change of Step have incorporated many dance styles into their inventive culturally choreographed material, and local son Brian Doyle will add his Margaree / Chéticamp styling to round off the afternoon.