David Milligan


Born and raised in the Scottish Borders, David Milligan is a pianist whose musical imagination flows freely between jazz improvisation and the traditional airs and dance meters of his native Scotland. He is one of the most highly-regarded pianists in Scotland, and has gained an enviable reputation as a highly-skilled composer and arranger, writing works for large-scale ensembles, solos, duos, string quartets and small groups. Initially known for his work in mainstream jazz, David’s more recent interest in traditional and folk music inspired a unique crossover piano style which has featured most prominently in the critically-acclaimed Bachué, with harpist and singer Corrina Hewat, in a duo with concertina virtuoso Simon Thoumire, as a core member of the Catriona Macdonald band, in the 22-piece folk orchestra The Unusual Suspects—which he and Hewat masterminded, and with The String Sisters. The past Artist in Residence has performed at the Festival since 1998 with Bachué, Simon Thoumire, The Unusual Suspects, and most recently, The String Sisters. David’s latest album, Momento, was released in August. He returns to Celtic Colours this year with Corrina Hewat.

Festival Performances

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