Kyle MacNeil

Kyle MacNeil is a fiddler, guitarist, vocalist, and mandolin player who has been performing with his siblings in the Barra MacNeils since he was a teenager. Growing up, Kyle was surrounded by music–his uncle was the well-known fiddler Carl MacKenzie, and his mother is Jean MacNeil, a talented step dancer and lover of music. The MacNeil home was a frequent visiting place for such respected musicians as the fiddler Robert Stubbert, who had a profound influence on Kyle’s musical development. Kyle received formal training on violin from Professor James MacDonald of North Sydney and continued his studies at Mount Allison University, experiences that helped him to develop the technical prowess that has made him so successful as a performer and an instructor. Kyle will be performing a master of Cape Breton piano accompaniment, Doug MacPhee, as well as with The Barra MacNeils.

Festival Performances

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