Raising the Roof

date Sunday October 13th 7:30 PM
venue Boisdale Fire Hall
locale Boisdale
price $30
seating General Admission
host Boisdale Volunteer Fire Department
accessible Yes
washroom Yes

Expect a lively night of tunes and Gaelic song—just the way they like it here in Boisdale, where traditional music, language and dancing have played a central role since Scottish immigrants settled in the early 1800s. The community still gets together regularly to celebrate their culture, and dances and concerts are held year- round at the Boisdale Fire Hall. Tonight, Cape Breton composer and dance player Brenda Stubbert teams up with
a stalwart of traditional Cape Breton piano playing, Doug MacPhee. Talk about Cape Breton traditional pedigree! These two have a direct connection to an era that more or less defined Cape Breton fiddling—Brenda through her father Robert and the Northside Irish style and Doug through his mother Margaret who played piano with many of the greats. Scottish trio Talisk will surely be up to the task of keeping the energy level high with their incendiary mix of concertina, fiddle and guitar. And the area’s rich Gaelic heritage will be echoing once again in the Boisdale hills as one of the finest Gaelic singers of his generation, Scotland’s Arthur Cormack, gets together with Cape Breton’s Mary Jane Lamond.

Performing Artists

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