Adam Young

Cape Breton

For the past two decades, Adam Young has been bringing his particular style of Cape Breton piano accompaniment to audiences around the world. Deeply-rooted within the fiddle and bagpipe music tradition of the Island’s Scottish settlers, the Cape Breton piano style has evolved over the past century, incorporating subtle elements of jazz and popular music, while still maintaining that unique “Cape Breton” sound. He plays regularly at concerts, ceilidhs, square dances, and sessions throughout Cape Breton, and has showcased his talents across Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, with the likes of Colin Grant, Còig, Dara MacDonald, Anita MacDonald, and Jennifer Roland. Adam can be heard on recordings with Dara MacDonald and Colin Grant, Cape Breton Lyrics & Laughter, Eric Angus Whyte, Jason MacDonald, Marilyn MacDonald-MacKinnon, the Scottish/Austrian fiddle and bagpipe duo Jamie MacDonald and Christian Gamauf, and Scottish fiddler Isla Ratcliff. Adam will be performing with Dara MacDonald this year.

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