Nicolas Boulerice & Olivier Demers with Robert Deveaux

Quebec / Cape Breton

Nicolas Boulerice and Olivier Demers began performing together 25 years ago and are well-known as original members of Le Vent du Nord. They also sometimes perform as Le Duo Boulerice-Demers. Their acquaintance with Robert Deveaux came about in 2004 during the Celtic Colours concert Acadian Saturday Night when Brent Aucoin and Robert opened for Le Vent du Nord at La Picasse in Petit-de-Grat. Friendships quickly blossomed as they discovered common threads in songs from their respective French traditions in Quebec and Cape Breton. The surprise was reciprocal. They immediately began sharing archival materials leading them to perform many nearly forgotten Chéticamp songs both with Le Vent du Nord and with Le Duo Boulerice-Demers, giving a huge visibility to this material in Québec and abroad. The third recording of Le Duo Boulerice-Demers, called ART POPULAIRE (French for Folk Art) features Robert as special guest with traditional French songs from his repertoire. Three voices, two violins and a hurdy-gurdy provide an unplugged traditional feel to this ancient music from the era of 18th Century Nouvelle-France. This performance brings it back to Isle-Royale, which was the French name for Cape Breton Island at the time.

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