Shawnee Paul

Shawnee Paul began her journey with music at the age of 6 as a new pianist. From early childhood, Shawnee was interested in playing the fiddle as she often watched her grandfather, Wilfred Prosper, practice and perform. By the time she turned 7, she began taking fiddle lessons and fell in love with the instrument. Over the years she learned more about music and how to play other instruments. This eventually led her to study music at Acadia University. Shawnee graduated with a Music Education Degree in 2019 and a Bachelor of Education with a focus in music in 2021. Aside from teaching music, and composing music, Shawnee performs regularly with the Blue Moose Band and Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers. Her biggest motivators are her children, Vayla and Oliver, who continue to inspire her to share her love for music. 

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