Cainnt is Ceathramhan: Language and Lyrics

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Mary Jane Lamond and Màiri Britton have spent the last four years working as the chief project managers and researchers on Cape Breton University’s Cainnt is Ceathramhan: Language and Lyrics project which was a major inspiration for this year’s Festival focus on languages. Over 6,000 Gaelic songs have been categorized, digitized, and made accessible through this project, resulting in an invaluable contribution to the preservation of Gaelic culture and heritage. They have even hosted “transcription frolics” to help facilitate the compilation of this database. Mary Jane and Màiri will be joined by an impressive lineup of Gaelic singers from Cape Breton, mainland Nova Scotia, and Scotland to share some of this repertoire at the Highland Arts Theatre, a lovely, soft-seat performance space nestled in the heart of Sydney’s downtown.

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