Boyd MacNeil

Boyd MacNeil always knew that music would be a big part of his life. The youngest sibling in a musical family, Boyd received his first violin lesson at the age of four, and a few years later made his performing debut at a local Remembrance Day ceremony. In his mid-teens, Boyd and his brother Ryan were special guests in the odd concert with already established quartet, The Barra MacNeils, and officially joined the group in 2005, after ten years performing and recording with their own band, Slàinte Mhath. Music took on a greater meaning for him when he started traveling and performing with the Barra MacNeils regularly and witnessed time and again how the group’s music could move, affect and transform an audience. Boyd MacNeil has toured Japan with Celtic music legends The Chieftains, and continues to explore many musical ideas within and in addition to his work with The Barra MacNeils. Boyd will be performing in a quartet with Lucy MacNeil, Rob Durando, and Lisa Gallant MacNeil as well as with Beòlach.

Festival Performances

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