Mac Morin

Cape Breton

Mac Morin is a dancer and piano player from Troy, Cape Breton. Starting out as a talented dancer, Mac became interested in piano as a teenager. He has gone on to tour around the world with Natalie MacMaster and Beòlach while continuing to travel widely to teach Cape Breton step dancing, showcasing those talents as Artist in Residence at the Festival in 2014. Mac has appeared on numerous artists’ recordings including Beòlach, Natalie MacMaster, Yo Yo Ma, The Rankins, and Buddy MacMaster. He has a solo album and Beòlach’s third recording was released while they were Artists in Residence (2019). Mac has hardly missed a year of Celtic Colours and he always has plenty to do to keep him busy during the Festival. This year he will be performing in eight shows with an impressive list pipers, fiddlers and guitar players including Howie MacDonald, Mairi Rankin, Wendy MacIsaac, Ian MacDougall, Kenneth MacKenzie, Patrick Gillis, Kevin Dugas, James MacLean, Kimberley Fraser, Aaron Lewis, and Donna Marie DeWolfe as well as playing with Beòlach.

Festival Performances

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