Howie MacDonald

Cape Breton

Howie MacDonald is a well-respected fiddler from Westmount, Cape Breton County. He has been a performer as long as he can remember. Whether at a family gathering or an international concert hall, Howie’s job was always to entertain. Coming from a musical family, he has released 12 albums—including last year’s Shades of Tartan—and a DVD, and spent many years touring and recording with the Rankin Family. Howie has expanded his talents and gained popularity as a comedian recently for his roles in musical comedy revues Island Mania, Howie’s Celtic Brew, The Dance Last Night, and The Cape Breton Summertime Revue. An accomplished piano-player who has accompanied just about everyone on the Island, Howie is also very much in demand for dances, concerts, ceilidhs and recording sessions. He takes great inspiration from the tunes and musicians from prior generations, greatly inspired by musicians such as Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald and Jerry Holland.

Festival Performances

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